Saturday, 25 August 2007

a little bit green

Today I am feeling a little bit under the weather. I am not sure exactly what is wrong but I have just had no energy, wanted to lie stretche dout on the rug all day and just not wanted to move. It is a bit better now that it has begun to cool down but I really don't like the heat!

Pixie went to the vet for her injections today and she is feeling a little off colour too.

My poor Oscar is having a day of turmoil, his staff is painting the house again and it smells funny, the furniture is everywhere and ther eis so much temptation to play in the paint, they are not allowed though. i think tha tis sensible. I don't like paint. Whyen mummy painted our house we all went to stay at other mummy's house with Oscar but lola escaped and came home.

I hope all my friends are enjoying their bank holiday weekend.

Friday, 17 August 2007

The Mysterious Moving Cat

Things that go bump in the night. And the day.

There is a new cat that has moved into our house except it doesn't talk and it doesn't eat. It doesn't miaow and it doesn't purr. It just sits on the stairs looking like this:

I have tried to talk to it a couple of times to ask it its name and enquire what it thinks it is doing in MY house but it is so rude and aloof (more aloof than me in fact) that it refuses to answer. Maybe it is deaf. Or perhaps dead. I really don't know.

On a number of occasions, Mummy has come home to find that it has in fact moved and she can't understand why. It has turned its back on everybody and is staring at the wall like this:

Do you think he is inviting me to play? Maybe not because I am the only Gay in the Village. There can't be two of us!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Hello Friends and Strangers

It has been a little while since I blogged but I have been very tired recently and I have needed to rest. My favourite resting place is on the armchair near the kitchen and you can tell as the blue cush-in now has a big white patch where I have moulted on it.
Anyway, it is nice to see that there are three new people who have commented on my blog one of them being from Canada. I think he is Monty's grandfather. Hello to all three of you, its nice to have new friends.
Also hello to MyOscar and Biggles. I am sorry if I scared you when I told you the story of the nasty people who shot at my house. they didnt shoot directly at me but they did shoot at mummys window and she was very cross. we now have a new window and the police have been to talk to mummy but she wasnt there. i would have talked to them myself but i am not allowed to talk to strangers. Stranger Danger.
That is all I have to say for the moment but I will soon try to put up two pictures which I think you might. I have to wait until my teeth are blue before it will go on the computer.
Goodbye for now.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


I got very scared on Monday. mummy had comehome from work early because she had been in the Leeds helping write and interview those silly people for reports. Anyway, I was takinga nice quiet nap on the armchair which is my curren tfavourite place and suddenly I was woken up by a smashing noise. Anyway, mummy went into the bathroom to investigate, I was too scared and there was a hole in the window. There are some social housing asbo children who live in the street behind where I live, it's nasty and I don't go there because I don't approve of common people like that. anyway, they have a game of using my garden and the gardens next door to me as target practice. They have before shot pellet guns at the house which is scary because they might hit me. They have also thrown hub caps and golf balls at my house. This time they were using a catapult thing to slingshot pebbbles at the house.

Mummy was so angry her brand new window which she had fitted last month has been broken. Sbe called the police and they didn't come until Tuesday when I was out and she said they have not been much help so far as she now has to wait for them to come back to get a statement. She has beenso angry all week and I havn't been able to use the computer.

Because I have now only just got use of the computer I need to demonstrate to mummy that it is not just her computer to play with. I need to use it to write my blog so I decided to prove it by guarding it. Aren't I clever. Can you see the picture of Lola on the screen and there is also some of me in the mirror, don't I look beautiful?

I hope my friend Biggles is well as his parents haave been away and he has had the responsibility of guarding the house. My mummy has also been keeping an eye on my Oscar while his mummy is in the Germany.