Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Paddy and Oscar and brothers' and sisters' joint blog

This is a joint blog from Paddy-Gay-In-Der Vilj and Oscar’s Staff who are both very traumatised and are needing support.

This evening was quite eventful really. All was well until approximately 9.32pm. Oscar’s Staff had been to Marks and Spencers with Sensible Staff and Blind Mummy was at home enjoying her first day of annual leave. Oscar’s Staff went to Blind Mummy’s house and wrote some things and then went home to drink a bottle of nice pink fizzy wine. She got home and opened the door…

There was a squawk and a flutter so she closed the door and rang Blind Mummy for support. She went in the yellow thing with black and red stripes and collected BM from the road and they both returned to investigate the squawk and flutter incident. There was much knocking of knees, whimpering and hiding behind things. in the house there OS saw dead bird doing a headstand behind the basket of washing in the hall way. It was yuck. There were feathers scattered throughout the downstairs of the house, trails of dried bird poo and scatterings of purple blood over the floor, walls, curtains, sofa , table, kitchen cupboards, cushions, front door, cat flap and just above the ‘tv guide’ button on the Sky Remote. Denny was proud. Oscar was scared and still smelt of the canal and Molly hid under the washing basket.

Then began the clean up operation which rivalled that which followed the Wakefield floods.

This required the assistance of the nice bottle of pink fizzy wine from Marks and Spencer which, in case you were wondering, was a different colour from the purple bird blood. The hoover is now full of bird. The bird did not want to go into the Sainsburys orange bag. It seemed to still have a lot of feathers despite the fact that the whole ground floor looked like an explosion in a mattress factory.

It was really really really yuck. BM and OS had to watch Condle in the Wind on repeat to recover.It is now 00.23 and neither of them want to go to sleep and blame Alfred Hitchcock.

Oscar’s Staff, in the midst of the clean up operation, managed to break a pasta jar and cut a finger on her non broken crippled not when she was drunk arm. Whilst soaking the curtain, Blind Mummy managed to dismember the penguin shower curtain but at least she managed to make Oscar smell of Bilberry leave in hair conditioner rather than canal.

A very stressful day we think. We are asleep preparing for tomorrow.

Oscar, MollyMoo, Dennypoo, Paddy Ebeneezer, LolaBean and PixieChu

Monday, 10 September 2007

hidden treasures

I am very excited! Mummy finallybrought her old dead laptop computer home from work last week. It is fit for nothing but the bin, but she knew that somewhere on it, there were pictures of me as a baby and she finally decided, after much scratching and protesting from me, that she would try ot salvage them.

So, last night, armed with other mummy, knives, screw drivers and determination, I understand tha tafter a couple of beers they got to work trying to break into the stubborn machine.

Apparently, when they finally got it open, although it wouldn't switch on, the compact disc on which the photos were kept wasn't in teh computer after all. But they did find teh pictures on other mummy's computer. here are a few for you to enjoy.

This was me and Oscare when we lived together in Micklefield. He is now so much bigger than me!

This was me when I was very tiny in the pet shop before mummy took me home. I was much smaller than my feeding bowl and shared this glass cage with my birth brothers and sisters. I was always much dirtier than them as I liked to roll in their wee!

I might post some more pictures later.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

new friends

Today will be a very brief message but I just wanted to say hello to all my new friends. For those of you who don't know, my sisters and I as well as my best Oscar and his brother and sister mollly and denny all are members of catbook,t he cat version of the facebook site that has taken the world by storm. anyway, we lal have lots of new cat friends and I just wanted to acknowledge yo uall here.

Obviously Oscar will always remain my best, my best friend and I am his best (thyis is because we used to live together and got into lots of trouble in Yickyfield) and I still have my biggles friend from London who is a to p ca twith a private tummy. I hope some of my new friends will come and visti my site here and say hello.

by the way, I am a little cross today as mummy went to London to see the joseph and did not get home in time to feed me at the usual time. I had to wait until nearly 10 o'clock for my dinner how disgraceful!