Tuesday, 26 June 2007

There is much rain.

I can’t believe it, every time I have left the house in the past couple of weeks it has been raining and raining some more. Is this the return of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain? Will we have to build an ark for me and my fellow cats to travel in?

I went to the vet yesterday to get my teeth cleaned and de-scaled. I had an anaesthetic and lots of fuss from the nurses which I enjoyed very much. I didn’t like the not eating the night before though but that goes without saying.

Mummy was supposed to collect me at 6 20 yesterday afternoon but did not get to the vet until almost 8 o’clock, the weather meaning that it took her nearly 3 hours to get 6 miles in other mummy’s yellow car! It then took for ever to get home and we had to drive through a river in the road. There is a canal near where I live which goes through many streets and houses and it had overflowed into the road. there was a car floating down the road and people were being evacuated. All roads to Wakefield were closed so there really was no proper way in!

I had to be dropped off at Oscar’s house so that mummy and other mummy could wade round the street to check that pixie and Lola were okay. Neither of the houses were flooded and all cats were okay but it was just so so wet! I am clad I don’t live in Sheffield and I really hope it stops raining soon.

Mummy couldn’t get to work today because there were no trains she was stranded at home!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

my news

Hello my friends, I hope you are well. I know it has been a very long time since I updated my blog, but life has been verybusy.

I’m sure you will remember that mummy was looking after Oscar Molly and Denny while other mummy was away? Well, I wanted to help and go round with her to feed them……and to eat some Whiskas, but I wasn’t allowed. Molly gets upset and gets funny wee if we visit her home so I had to stay at my own home while mummy fed her. This meant that my access to the computer was very limited during that week.

There was a lot of upheaval last week when two men came to work in the house. They broke all the windows and doors, made a lot of banging and then put the windows back again. I think they might be a bit different though as the windows seem bigger and cleaner! It was really horrid, lots of banging and we all got scared and went away for the day. I was most put out as my sleep was being disturbed!

Mummy then went away for the weekend something about going to the Wembley to see a man singing….I thought the Wembley was for football, very confusing! Apparently the singing man was on the telly when mummy was there, but I didn’t see her, far too many people!

This week, has been horrid, I really hate the rain and every day when I have gone out I have got so so wet! Mummy ended up getting a towel to dry us when we came in because she said we were dripping all over the floor and furniture. I liked it as it made me warm!

Oscar came to visit on Wednesday to watch the final of the Apprentice. It was nice to see him although he got much more attention than me! I sulked and I thought the Apprentice result was wrong! Mummy got cross too she said that the man who won it was a bit of a doughnut!

I have a new friend. Moomin who lives in Blackpool sent his mummy to meet me. Apparently she is working on a project with my mummy and has been visiting once a week and will continue to do so for a while she is very nice and gives me lots of attention, I like her very much!