Saturday, 21 April 2007

Lola and paddy's big adventures.

I am pleased to say, after my concerned post of last weekend, that my sister Lola is now back at home safe and sound after a bit of an ordeal. She has told me about what happened, her adventure and I will now recount the story, together with my own little adventures and wanderings. Lola disappeared at some point between Thursday and Friday, she told me she went exploring because the weather was so good. She ventured out of the close in which we live onto the next street which is a little bit scary as there are lots of cars to hide under. It is also populated by unusual looking people who play loud music all the time. She got a bit spooked by the noise and went further afield to a big open concrete space where there are lots of garages.

One of the main things which sent her scurrying away was the behaviour of a strange lady on Saturday night. This lady came wandering out of her house at about midnight in her dressig gown and was wandering up and down the middle of the road singing hymns at the top of her voice. She then started screaming and shouting things which mummy said were racialist abuse! Mummy said she was drunk. Because she and other mummy were out looking for Lola they had to keep hiding so the strange lady wouldn’t see them!This made Lola so afraid of things that she went into one of the garages in the scary dark place to hide and couldn't find her way out. She slept a little and hid in among some bags of cement. She did cry out a number of times when she thought she heard mummy calling for her, but mummy didn't find where she was. Poor Lola was really upset. On Sunday morning, she again heard mummy and other mummy looking for her and called out to them. Then a big scary man in a van turned up and started banging really loud. Mummy told us that he was using a sledge hammer to break the padlock off the door. This really frightened Lola who burrowed her way into one of the bags, so much so that when other mummy went into look for her, she was far too scared to come out and they couldn’t find her. Probably just as well, as mummy said the man was really frightening! Fortunately, when the man shut the door again, he didn't do it properly, so that when it was dark and quiet, Lola was able to wriggle out and find her way home, very dirty, tired and hungry. She then went to the vets lucky thing. As for me, I had great adventures roaming everywhere and jumping out of alley ways far away from home eating food from food bowls which aren't mine and climbing over rubble in gardens to lay and hide. The best thing was jumping out on other mummy through a hole in the fence, it really made her jump!I did get mistaken for Lola though a number of times. Mummy had put posters up asking if anybody had seen a tortoiseshell and white cat with a pink collar, I am tabby and white and have a pink collar! I was captured by one of the neighbours and shut in their sitting room, the flat really smelled of old people and wee. I was so glad when mummy came to get me!
Really, do you think I look anything like this? Compare the two pictures and you will soon see how daft it was! Although my sister Lola is pretty, I am far more beautiful don’t you think?

This is me,

and this one is Lola!
I have also been injured. You know I blogged about my PMT a few weeks ago, I can now tell you that my neighbour told tales on me about what I have been being fed, lightly fried cod, beef, chicken etc. I got into a row with one of the other cats, Sparky or Freddie didn't do it but one of the other houses I go to. I had a big bloody scratch on my nose and now it has a scar. It makes me look well tough, except I'm not! So, as you can see, it's been a busy time and I haven't been able to blog. My Oscar also came to visit briefly on Wednesday night, he walked round the road following mummy all the way home without her noticing. He then ran around the close refusing to be caught, he is so naughty!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Paddy is concerned

My sister Lola loves the outside. She loves the sunshine and will play for hours. However, she has not been home since Wednesday and I am beginning to get concerned. She came in for a while in the middle of the night for a sleep, but since then has not been seen, well, not close up anyway! Mummy and other mummy have been out looking for her and they think she was seen last night, but nothing since. It is not the same without her. Please come home Lola!