Thursday, 19 July 2007

an update-under order

I have been told that I am not updating sufficiently. Well I am sorry. I am a very busy cat and the computer is rubbish.

Well, what have I been up to?

I have already told my friend Biggles about my towel on the chair. That is where I spend the day. It is nice.

I have also spent a considerable amount of time eating as I have new food. The wet stuff is pleasant because it is sainsburys and it comes in pouches in orange bags. I like orange bags because they match my towel. I also had some morrisons mycat gourmet foil trays. those were also delicious and lola turns into a slut (a slut who actually comes home) when it is on offer. SHE has also attempted to feed me cheap imitation Hills from sainsburys. I dont like this because it contains vegetables. i dont like vegetables. But i do like the morrisons mycat dry fish flavour food.

Hills is still my favourite, apart from ham and real fish. And tuna. And chicken. so not really my favourite at all.

Today there was a scary occurence in my house. On reading MyOscar's blog, i understand that it is called a "dontworryoscaritsonlyamoth" which is a stupid name. it was very big. pixie brought it in. Mummy shut her in the porch with it but it flew up too high and stuck to the wall and she couldnt eat it. that was pixie not mummy of course. mummy doesnt like them either because she didnt know if it was a bird or a dontworryoscaritsonlyamoth but thats because she is blind and she cant see it.

now oscar is in my house with his Staff who is also my other mummy. he is not fussy about the sainsburys dried food, he obviously likes vegetables. [i wish that bloody dog would stop barking and mummy would stop coughing because they are scary noises]

Oscar came to visit. he got stuck in a bush on the way round. lola and pixie came to greet him too. emergency services (ham and mummy and strangers) had to be called out to help his Staff get him out of the bush because she is a cripple with only one arm. Oscar is in the house now but he is downstairs probably looking for his girlfriend.

Hello to my friend Biggles who is very good at updating his blog with lots of pictures.

This is a picture of the dontworryoscaritsonlyamoth

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A message for my Oscar

My Oscar will be 3 on the 4th o July. I want to wish him a veryhappy birthday from lola, Chuchu ad me, his best Paddy.