Sunday, 29 June 2008

ASBOs and hoodies

There are some really nasty people living in the houses behind my garden. Today, they have been shooting pellet guns at me and my sisters. I am scared! Mummy says they are ASBO hoody teenagers.

This is a picture of one of them, they don't have any faces and are really mean!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

the scary intruder

It has taken me a week to get over the trauma of last Friday morning, but I now feel able to share the story with you all.

I was in a lovely deep sleepd on mummy's feet, on the blanket at the bottom of the bed when I was rudely awoken, along with mummy by a horrendous screaming and screeching from downstairs. I was very scared so hid under the bed.

Mummy went to investigate and heard noises coming from behind the glass cabinet in the living room. Pixie my sister was very interested in what was behind there. There was then a glapping noise and mummy screamed, ran out of the house in her night dress and rang other mummy to come and help. It was just after 5 30 in the morning and there was a birdy birdy in the house which was very much alive with a very long beak and was flying around and around the light like a moth.

Other mummy arrived 5 mninutes later and we all stood around in the street wondering what to do. The birdy birdy was on top of the curtain rail and pixie was going mad trying to catch it. I decided at this point, as the oldest cat that it was my responsibility to take charge and try to look after blind mummy and deaf mummy. I sauntered into the house and gave the birdy birdy a hard stare. IT pointed its beak at me, squarked and flew out of the house, with me in its wake! I returned home 10 minutes later after it had gone to find both blind and deaf mummy drinking coffee and Pixie still looking bemused trying to find the birdy birdy.

My Oscar told me that it is probably the same birdy birdy that got locked in his bathroom the other week. What with this, the 3 legged mouse we were chasing round the rug and the half eaten decomposing thing that I regurgitated on the rug, my bed and other mummy's bed, we are now not allowed in the upstairs bedrooms when blind mummy isn't in the house to supervise. I have started to copy my oscar and have taken to sleeping on the bathroom mat. Hope mummy will start to forget and allow us back onto my bed soon!