Saturday, 19 May 2007

Paddy’s outing.

Today I had my yearly outing to see the vet for my injections. I knew someth8ing was happening when mummy locked the cat flap and brought my box in from the shed. Recently it has been Lola who has been to the vet more often than me so I was pleased that it was my turn. I was really hopeful that the vet would take my temperature.

Anyway, I went in the yellow car. Usually I am allowed to sit on mummy’s lap in the car but for some reason I wasn’t today. I had a plan though and howled and squawked annoyingly until she couldn’t take it any more and let me sit on her. I still whined a bit until we got really near the vet and I then started purring.

There was a really noisy scary dog in the vets, I didn’t like him and got sweaty paws because I was nervous. The vet was very nice but was not as competent as using his computer as me! He gave me two injections, I was very brave and did not cry. He didn’t take my temperature though and I was really disappointed about that. He looked in my mouth and said that I have plaque on my teeth and gingivitis and ulcers and need dental treatment. This means I will have to go back and stay in for the day. That will be nice. Mummy wasn’t too impressed though as apparently when she phoned the tesco they said that I’m not insured for dental treatment so it will cost her a lot of money. She was pleased that I haven’t put on too much weight from eating at the neighbour’s house though. I am really cross about this issue, I think mummy has told them not to feed me because every time I go into the house they pick the food bowls up and I sit and growl at them, but they still won’t feed me!

Saturday, 12 May 2007


I am very cross today. Mummy gave all three of us the “stronghold” treatment again. She always does it when we are sleepy, creeping up on us so we don’t have time to run away or get our claws out. It smells yuck and I hate the sound of it squirting out of the tube onto my neck. It makes all of us race around like maniacs. Mummy says it is for our own good so that we don’t get fleas, but I’m not so sure.

A trip to the chinky.

I am getting more adventurous in my roaming these days, going a little further afield than the close where I live. On Wednesday I was playing on the bigish road where the old lady lives who feeds the cats. I sauntered down to the end near the traffic lights which lead to the really scary noisy fast road. I stood outside the Chinese chip shop sniffing around for something nice. Then other mummy came along and picked me up bringing me all the way home. Is it true that Chinese people eat cats?