Friday, 6 March 2009

enough already!

Ok, well, you know the other day that I was saying how nice it would be to have blind mummy around during the day? Wel, she is stealing my sunshine, waking me up when I want to sleep, combing me when I don't want to be combed and generally just being far far too much!

While it is lovely to spend time with blind mummy at weekends and in the evenings, because she has been at home all the time as she is poorly, she has been using me as her entertainmnet. I only want to be stroked and cuddled when I want to be stroked and cuddled....not when she wants me to! I mean, how is a gay cat supposed to chill out, relax and sun himself when he keeps being disturbed like this?

Bring on Monday when she returns to the place she calls work!

Monday, 2 March 2009

blue murder!

Well, blind mummy went away on her epic walkikng thing with her cuban friends, so this meant that clumsy accident prone mummy looked after me and my sisters, with Bernie and Alan's mum making th the occasional appearance to stroke me.

While I missed blind mummy, it was lovely to spend time with accident prone mummy, she is way less strict than blind mummy and we were allowed to do naughties like eating on the work surfaces and I had special honey salmon flakes one day as I am the favourite and I own clumsy mummy and she will do ANYTHING to please me! She stayed with us some nights and brought Molly to visit, Molly is a little scary.

Blind mummy is back now and has been sleeping a lot. I would sleep a lot if I had been on a very very long walk too I think. She is not at work this week and so will be spending time with us in the day which I like.

Hello to all my friends

Saturday, 31 January 2009

I'm nearly 6 next January

HEllo my friends, I have not been around for ages I know for this, I am most deeply sorry. Blind mummy has been hogging the computer and not allowing me to express myself. Today, however, as it was my birthday this week, she has allowed me to use the computer.

I hope all my friends are well. My poor friend Biggles from london has been very badly poorly, get well soon Biggles.

I too have been injured before Christmas. I was bitten on the face by a nasty. I was eating some food and the nasty came to interrupt me which made me cross. Thenasty wouldn't let me eat the food and bitted me on the face twice. I got two nasty wounds and hat to go to the Dewsbury place to see the vet. HE shaved half my facial fur off and cut a hole in my face to drain the nasty poison out. It was yuck, I smelled a bit fusty and deaf mummy had to keep coming to see me to pick my scabs off so that the wounds would heal. I looked such a sight that I was embarrassed to blog because I was not as beautiful as I usually am.

I am now so much better, though I am a little lopsided still. Fortunately, my fur decided not to wait til March to grow back.

Poor Oscar has also been poorly he had a bad throat but he is better now too. Molly also had a funny eye but she is also well. Pixie and Lola and Denny are all healthy and fit.

I have some lovely new catnip spray which deaf mummy bought for Christams. blind mummy keeps sprayin it on the rug and my sisters and I love to writhe around and play in the scent of it.

Anyway. nuff for now take care