Friday, 6 March 2009

enough already!

Ok, well, you know the other day that I was saying how nice it would be to have blind mummy around during the day? Wel, she is stealing my sunshine, waking me up when I want to sleep, combing me when I don't want to be combed and generally just being far far too much!

While it is lovely to spend time with blind mummy at weekends and in the evenings, because she has been at home all the time as she is poorly, she has been using me as her entertainmnet. I only want to be stroked and cuddled when I want to be stroked and cuddled....not when she wants me to! I mean, how is a gay cat supposed to chill out, relax and sun himself when he keeps being disturbed like this?

Bring on Monday when she returns to the place she calls work!


The Old Tarf said...

Well I hope you like your peace and quiet for now. I hope your mommy is better and thank you for the trek. You both did a good thing and we are proud of the accomplishments you guys did.

Paddy the word verification is ferettes. Something for you to chase.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I bet you miss your mummie now that she is working. What you need is a job now, Paddifer.

circus monkey said...

Selfish little wretch, do you know how many pussy cats are out there without even a roof over their heads. I'm not sure about the roof over my bonce most of the time. Just shut your ungrateful pie hole and soak up the hugs!