Saturday, 3 May 2008

who said exercise was good for you?

Oh dear, poor blind mummy had a slight accident today! it is a very funny story. I know it is not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others, but really, she is a silly mummy!

Blind mummy goes to the gym on a regular basis and tends to try to keep fairly healthy, unlike blind drunk mummy who drinks and smokes too much and believes the best form of exercise is sleeping or walking to and from the fridge to get the chilled bottle of wine, or the cat food. That's more my kind of exercise too, sleeping is an art form you know!

Well, blind drunk mummy has some kind of interactive game thing that she plays on the television, something about weeing, but that is a little personal and I don't quite understand it. Well, I digress.

Today, blind drunk mummy bought an additional attachment for her weeing game which is to help her get and stay fit. She and blind mummy were learning how to use it in blind drunk mummy's house and blind mummy not blind drunk mummy for a change, managed to fall and hurt her ankle. She is now hobbling around on just one leg. If she was a cat, she would have three good legs and one bad leg which is much easier to hobble around on than just one silly human leg!

Well, that will teach her to slack of from the gym and pretend to get fit at home!

Sorry to those of you who have already commented on this post for the original error suggesting that it was blind durnk rather than blind mummy who had the accidnet!