Friday, 21 December 2007

festive thoughts

At this time of year, Christmas, my mum says it should snow so it feels festive. I would like it to snow thenI could hide in the snow like this cat here. it looks fun. As I have a lot of white on me I could hide very easily.

At Christmas it is also strange beause the trees which are usually outside come inside and they are decoratd with lots of lights and flashing sparkly things. pixie likes this as it issomething for her to tap, chase, climb and try to eat.

We are going to the cattery on Sunday to celebrate Christmas with all the other cats. We will get presents and nice food and may even be allowed to wear festive and funny hats like this

Merry christmas to all my friends, Biggles, Molly #denny oscar lola and Pixie. Also to Louie down south and Shadow and Leo's former mum in Canada, to monty an dMonty's mummy and old tarf.