Saturday, 10 November 2007

much better thanks

To all my nice friends, I just wanted to say thank you for your concern about my health. i am much better now thank you and my apetite is back to normal. I showed blind mummy that I was better by bringing her a dead mouse at 4 in the morning as a way of thanking her for looking after me when I was feeling ill! She didn't appreciate it....I really don't understand why!

You may have read from Oscar's blog that Denny was ill too last week, he had an explosion out of his bottom and had to spena a night in hospital. I don't think I have told you about the time I had a very bad tummy bug that went on for three months. I had bottom explosions all the time, but that, as my friend Biggles would say "is private"! I remember that mummy was very worried about me and took me to the vets lots. She said that the house smelled all the time and even though I couldn'thelp it, she wished I would not have accidents all over the computer leads and plug sockets!

Fortunately, my constitution sems to have improved dramatically since then...just as well really, now that I have my two sisters to look after. Anyway, I digress!

I har from Denny that we now have new vets who live just along the end of th road...this will mean that we won't have to go in the yellow hting any more unless it is an emergency at night and we have to go to Dewsbury like Denny. Dennysays that the new vets are very nice.

I wonder if mummy will have to go to the vets soon. Although her bump on her head is mow better, thank you Biggles ofr aksing, she had another accident on Thursday. She said she fell down a flight of steps in a place called Bradford station and landed on her back, her bottom and her side. She is walking funny at the momnt and said she is very aching and bruised. What is it with these parents hwo keep having accidents? I think she has been learning lessons from Oscar's mummyu who is always having accidents. Maybe that is what happens when p[arents get old?

It was very scary last weekend, well Pixie and lola were scared, as there were lots of bangs and flashes in the sky. Pixie hid under the sofa and shook lots and other mummy had to come and check on her because blind mummy wen out with London auntie who cme to visit. I didn't mind the bangs really, well, there ws food around so I had to make the most of Pixie and lola not being there to eat their food. I had three bowls, it was lovely!

I also want to say hello to my friend in Canada old Tarf, he is mummy's friend's daddy, grandfther to Monty who stayed in my house one night once. Blind mummy also says hello to old tarf.

oh, just one more thing, to remind you. on Tuesday, 13th Novebmer it is the first birthday of my blog, so happybirthday to Paddy's blog!