Monday, 4 December 2006

the battle of the fairies

It's been a very busy week for me, I've been contemplating life and my beauty, hence no updates for a while.

Mummy has gone a little strange, she brought a flashing tree into the house on Saturday, it's all different colours and it's very me. I sat and watched it flash for ages and tried to tap it but got shouted at! There are also some very pretty bright stars in the window, my window where I sit and watch the world go by. I like having my window lit up.

The thing I didn't like though was the most tacky fairy you have ever seen. Mummy put it on top of the tree and it really looks stupid! I don't like sharing my house with another fairy! I'm the only fairy in the village after all, so I tried to kill it!

Mummy has also started giving me and my sisters lovely catnip treats every day. She get them out of this thing she calls an advent callender and they are so delicious! I try to fight my sisters for them but Lola, oh meak and mild one that she pretends to be really becomes a bit of a strumpet when they are given to us! She flings herself onto her back and writhes around the floor in ecstassy! how common and basic is that?

We also had chicken for dinner last night, it was lovely!

Why is nobody commenting on my blog, don't they like me?