Thursday, 18 January 2007

busy bee

Well it's been ages since I last had the opportunity to update my blog, but I've been away rather a lot you see! When I was last able to write, I told you about the fairy that had come to my house and was sitting on top of the christmas tree. Well my sisters and I were fearful that she may try to take over the house and so kept on beating her up, dragging her up the stairs ans conducting hunting practice on her.....she eventually was so trashed that she had to go in the bin!

We all then went to this place called the cattery. It was lovely, there was a really nice lady called Marie who fed us, changed our litter trays, stroked and brushed us and talked nicely to us. Me Pix Lo and Oscar my bedt friend from round the corner shared one palace and Molly who I kind of tolerate now and Dennace shared the other. I missed mummy, but she came back for me and took me to stay at other mummy's house. She said something about having a dog to stay and that we wouldn't like it.

When we were at oscar's house, molly and Dennace were very naughty. they were chasing each other around like mad things when mummy came to feed us. They proceeded to knock this big glass board thing onto the tiled floor and it smashed into millions of pieces! mummy looked shocked and I was scared!

We then went back to the cattery for a few more days and then I went home. I really missed mummy and followed her around like a shadow!

I was so jealous last week, Pixie went to see the vet. it's not fair, I love the vet! she came back with a shaved patch on her side and a funny funnel like hat! she was really cross and kept pulling it off so mummy had to take her back to the vet again. I remember when Lola had a similar operatioh, she was such a good girl and didn't pull her hat off like naughty Pixie!

We then went back to other mummy's house again because mummy said something about decorating! I don't know what she meant but she said it smells funny and we wouldn't like it. Nanny and grandad also came to stay and they brought their yelow thing with four legs and a tail so we couldn't really stay at home.

We were all really bad at other mummy's house, got gate fever and all together plotted to get out of the cat flap. Lola ran away though but Pixie and I were tricked into going inside. Other mummy waved some tuna at us....I love tuna! thought I'd go in for some but as soon as we got inside we were locked in and the tuna was putin the fridge! not fair!


When Lola had done her bunk, she went home, she told me but because of the yellow thing and the smell of the paint she got sared. She crawled under the kitchen cupboard through a gap a the bottom and decided to wait until the yellow thing had gone. This didn't work though as grandad screwed the bottom bit back on the cupboard and nobody noticed that Lola was under there....she can be as quiet as a mouse sometimes! She was stuck for hours and because she only mewls very quietly mummy didn't hear her. She did eventually hear the bell on her collar though and dismantle dthe cupboard to let her out. Lola was very scared and very hungry. I don't like the dark and I would have cried if that had been me!

We are all going home on Saturday evening. lola says it looks and smells very different now, I wonder what it is like!