Tuesday, 23 October 2007

sung in the tune from the theme from Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat

"poor poor paddy,
what you going to do?
things look bad for you,
so, what you going to do"

Hello, well I am feeling a little under the weather at the moment. I have been a little off colour since saturday night/sunday morning. I have been lethargic, slept on the armchair and have not moved at all and have refused my last three meals.....even pouches. I have also been a little warm to the touch.

Mummy and other mummy who is also poorly thinks it is with a thyroid or something but waiting for blood tests, took me to the vet last night. I did not like it at all, which is not like me. I was grumpy and floppy on the vet table and i growled at him when he touched me and stuck the thermometur mp my bottom.

The diagnosis of my current malady is a temperature of 1.5 degrees above the norm and therefore perhaps a little infecton. He gave me two injections and sent me home.

I think I am feeling a little bit better today although I have been asleep all day again. Pixie liked eating my food, she had hers, mine and Lola's too and did a big sick onher food mat. Sh eis a little more ladylike than Molly oscar and Denny though as she didnot try to eat it.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

blogger's block

I have not blogged for a while as mummy has been away so access to the computer has been limited. Since she has been back though I have simply been far too tired and busy. I have spent most of the week sleeping, stretching, eating and being beautiful.

It has been nice having my Oscar come to visit through the flap, but I am not impressed that he came and finished off all 3 bowls of food.....that is my job! Molly also came to visit but she did not use the flap, she came in through the door. We played on the stairs for a bit and then she hissed at me so I punched her!