Monday, 2 March 2009

blue murder!

Well, blind mummy went away on her epic walkikng thing with her cuban friends, so this meant that clumsy accident prone mummy looked after me and my sisters, with Bernie and Alan's mum making th the occasional appearance to stroke me.

While I missed blind mummy, it was lovely to spend time with accident prone mummy, she is way less strict than blind mummy and we were allowed to do naughties like eating on the work surfaces and I had special honey salmon flakes one day as I am the favourite and I own clumsy mummy and she will do ANYTHING to please me! She stayed with us some nights and brought Molly to visit, Molly is a little scary.

Blind mummy is back now and has been sleeping a lot. I would sleep a lot if I had been on a very very long walk too I think. She is not at work this week and so will be spending time with us in the day which I like.

Hello to all my friends

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