Sunday, 29 June 2008

ASBOs and hoodies

There are some really nasty people living in the houses behind my garden. Today, they have been shooting pellet guns at me and my sisters. I am scared! Mummy says they are ASBO hoody teenagers.

This is a picture of one of them, they don't have any faces and are really mean!


Queers United said...

happy pride!

mullymully said...

they are bad! But let me loose on them as I have been eating dried prunes all day and now have such gaseous build ups that I am chundering out masses of noxious fart cloud every minute in the office. Brand: marmite, with a bit of rotten fruit, and 3-day old reheated KFC

Biggles said...

I think blind mummy shood get a gun two and shoot them orl ver ver bad......... er........ if she can see them. Hmm. Maybee Id better cum up ther and show them wot!!! shooting cats is total bad and rong.