Wednesday, 1 October 2008

a very long rest

As you all are aware, it can be very tiring being a cat, especially the only gay in the village! This is the only explanation I feel obliged to offer for my blog silence over the past two and a half months. I have not been doing anything particularly special, but I have just had feline writer's blog block. In addition, blind mummy has been keeping all the upstairs doors shut during the day through the summer, after a rather messy incident or two after Pixie went hunting. I will blame pixie because as the feminine gay cat that I am, I am far too flouncy to engage in such tomboyish activities as hunting and chasing mice and birds!

Anyway, the incidents to which I refer relate to pixie and I having a little feast on her roadkill presents and them not particularly agreeing with us. This led to a couple of trails of unpleasant regurgitation on both my beds in blind mummy's room and in deaf clumsy mummy's room. I don't understand why, but blind mummy was not impressed with my caring sharing intentions and has kept the doors firmly shut ever since, thus impeding my access to the computer.

However, now that the winter is well and truly on its way, hunting season is probably over for Pixie so we are given a little more lenience during the last!

Blind mummy has been away on holiday and visiting her friends recently which has meant that we have been home alone at weekends rather a lot lately. Deaf/clumsy mummy has been coming to feed us which has been nice. I have also discovered the short cut to my oscar's house (deaf/clumsy mummy also lives there too), the shortcut which blind mummy uses when she has been drinking alcohol or when it is dark. It involves cutting down the side of a house, through an access way and through a convenient hole in the fence. Really this is a route which should only be used by cats, but blind mummy says that why walk five minutes round the road when you can get home in 30 seconds by taking the short cut? The only problem is, the shortcut way has become rather a dumping ground and she has to navigate fridges, old bicycles and discarded sofas. My Oscar loved one of the sofas and used to sleep on it until someone set it on fire.....we live in a really nice neighbourhood as you can tell!

Anyway, before I close I just wanted to say a big hello to Mr Old Tarf from Canada, top cat Biggles from London, cousin Monty who has a ginger mouth and my Oscar Molly and Denny. It would be nice if there were more visitors to my blog but I am a private cat and don't like to advertise!!

Hope it is not another two and a half months before blind mummy allows me access to the computer!


Anonymous said...

hello paddy love oscar

The Old Tarf said...

Hey, I always visit. It is the quality of the blog not the quantity. I hope all is well.

The Old Tarf said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

The Old Tarf said...

Hey, how about letting Paddy use the computer. Have a great trek. See you soon.